Dr. Audrey Pullman

Audrey's Grief  Expressionist workshops are educational tool for creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change to facilitate the grieving process. These individual or group sessions are unique for one's creative self-expression personality, and to facilitate their individual grieving process.  Creative Expressionist Workshops includes:

  • Psychodrama is telling a story by acting out one's emotions through creative expressions.

  • Cool Breathing is guided imagery of eight effective breathing techniques to facilitate the grieving process and managed stress.

  • Creative Expressionist Dance is linking  dance movements and music to your psychological awareness and mental fitness.

  • Meditation and Spirituality through Biblical scriptures stimulate senses and increase Faith and total well-being.

  • Communication Through Creative Self-Empowerment. Engaging in any creative process is healing.  It's a way of knowing yourself better on the deepest levels, connecting with others (humans or pets), regulating responses to stress and communicating your inner experience.

Audrey's Grief Expressionist (AGE) Consultants provide a creative framework for Healthcare providers who may need additional training on Creative Imagination as an enhanced tools in treating patients* (*substitute with clients).  In our workshops we teach simple and effective techniques on how to unleash your creativity, and provide a roadmap to enhance Mind Fitness and Wellness for your clients. 

Audrey's Grief EXpressionist (AGE) workshops and seminars for Healthcare show how to unlock the inner workings of the Mind and develop a Creative Artistic Fingerprint treatment plan in partnership with their client. AGE's Psychodrama techniques are very popular in expressing emotions through role playing between therapist and client. This allow the client freer mental thinking, healthy self-expressions and creative self-empowerment.  The benefits of all AGE's techniques are increased knowledge and understanding of Mind Wellness and Fitness, providing the therapist with a sense of confidence in treating clients' problems using creativity. When healthcare providers partner with clients using creative alternatives as part of the treatment regimen, there's is a higher rate of success!


Creative Nosiness Workshop

Creative Nosiness is the need to explore and see beyond what’s in front of us. It is a creative energy and a more exciting way to live life. Creative nosiness people are curious. They’re the game changers of the world and not afraid to know it, explore it, learn it and embrace the uncertainty and unfamiliarity. 


Breakdown of the Workshop

Learning objectives for medical students, psychiatry residents and other health professionals.

  • What is the creative story of the patient or client

  • Listen to the power of story through creativity

  • How to treat a patient creatively

  • Learn mental mapping for creativity

  • What is the brain science to treat creatively

  • Learn how to discover and unleash your creativity

Subject Matter - The Shades of Creativity for Interviewing and Creatively Treating Psychiatric Patients

Creative Nosiness

  • Define

  • How to interview creatively

  • Finding creative opportunity

  • Recognize and understand creative cues

How Non-Compliant Patients Become Compliant Through Creative Nosiness

  • Brain Neuroplasticity

  • Understanding States of Mind

  • Accessing the Creative Mind

  • Techniques on unlocking one’s creativity

Being Creative – The Uniqueness of You

Creative Self- Empowerment

  • Learn how to discover your creativity

  • Roadmap for a New Life Wellness and Creative Story

  • New Beliefs and Habits

  • Increasing Creative Feelings

Relevance Of Neuroscience to the Medical Environment

  • What Is “Brain Science?”

  • Understanding Brain Science Concepts and Creativity

  • The Brain Biology Behind Successfully treating Patients Creatively

Your session really motivated me to change my approach to dealing with stress. Within the session Dr. Audrey focused on work related stress, long work hours were routine. She encouraged avoiding unhealthy coping methods such as smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating habits which could be harming my health. Dr. Audrey recommended several relaxation techniques and encouraged finding techniques that fit our lifestyle.
— Denise