The Mind, Body and Spirit

I am initiating this discussion with the premise that there is a proper alignment between mind, body and spirit; when this alignment is disturbed it results in disharmony and psychiatric illness.  I was indoctrinated, in my youth with the religious belief that there was a God who created the universe; and also fashioned a tripart being in his own image.  He called his creation a man, and gave him a body, a soul and spirit.

The Body is the vessel which functions to transport man's soul and spirit through time on an earthly journey to meet his or her destiny.

The Soul is the very essence of man's being.  It is his mind, his will, and his emotion.

The Spirit is that part of us that allows us to communicate with God.

Religion teaches us that God gave man and woman a free will and time honored "principles of living" on which to exercise this free will. The religious person believes that if a man or woman lives according to these basic biblical principles, his or her spiritual life will be whole; his earthly journey fruitful, and his salvation assured.  On the other hand, if a man or woman chooses not to live by these principles their spiritual life will be empty, his or her earthy journey rocky and they will have no opportunity for salvation.  During my training and practiced as a psychiatrist I provided therapy to Christians and other believers.

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Religion or Spirituality is very personal and very hard to define. They mean different things to different people. Some have said that God created man with a space that only he can fill; and that our time on earth is an intense personal search for something to fill that space which God has created in us.  It has been said that if man can't find God, he will create one.

I have integrated my medical training as a Psychiatrist with the biblical scriptures remedies for the sick in mind and soul through my workshops and seminars training. See the Psalms 23 and the Covenant CDS that integrate biblical scriptures with positive affirmations, meditation and visualization.  These tools are to provide Reformation for Thinking New Thoughts on how the Mind Matters.  Our thoughts will ultimately dictate our behavior.  The way that we think influences the way that we act. The converse is also true.  Repeated actions influence our thoughts.  The Christian is a "new creation." Old thinking patterns have been replaced by new one  (2 Cor.5:17).

We want spiritual fulfillment and the pain of an inner emptiness filled with something that gives us a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction in our lives.  We want an inner integrity and a style of living that brings health and healing, in and of itself, along with the other commitments it engenders.

Spiritual disciplines seek to bring our lives into concert with the will and purpose of the creator by establishing some viable form of contact and relatedness to this divine being.  

Justin Mabee