Dr. Audrey Pullman

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About dr. Audrey Pullman

Grief Expressionist

Dr. Audrey Pullman is a Performance Enhancement Specialist with a background in Emergency Psychiatric Medicine and Community Addiction. She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and integrated her knowledge of grief work, stress management and holistic work with complementary and traditional medicine. She has received credits and certificates from Dr. Weil's Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine in Cardiovascular and Nutrition; Aromatherapy & Health; and Integrative Mental Health. Dr. Pullman has received an academic award for the use of alternative medicine strategies in the management of chronic pain and stress-related problems. She has treated military veterans who suffered with Post-traumatic stress disorder and childhood and adolescence depression with art therapy and other alternative modalities.


What is Grief?

In simple terms, it's an "Emotional Heartbreak." The continuum of loss in human life is an expanded definition. Most people are familiar with the expression, "Every one grieves in their own way and at their own pace." We agree with the basic premise of that quote, even though it doesn't define grief reaction beyond saying that we're all individuals and we will each experience and express our grief uniquely and in our own time. 


Life is Full of Twists and Turns

CREATIVE SELF -EMPOWERMENT is confidence in one’s ability to take their mind to a higher level of thinking and achieve the highest experience for creative thought

Creative Nosiness is the need to explore and see beyond what’s in front of you.  

EMPOWERMENT IS creative energy and a more exciting way to live life.

Creative people have developed a self-awareness on how to adjust to life unexpected changes at a moment notice.  

Creative nosiness people are curious. They’re the game changers of the world and not afraid to know it, explore it, learn it and embrace the uncertainty and unfamiliarity.  

Because of your assistance, I’m now able to handle the anxiety I have been experiencing for year. Thank you for your excellent services, great office hours, and professionalism. I will recommend you to others.