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We all have a special talent but many of us don't explore and unleash our gifts to help one another or create some invention that would have a positive influence on the world.  I really became fascinated with the mind during my upbringing.  I always had the desire to be a physician but in middle school, high school and college I was discouraged from pursuing this lofty goal.  My mother who is a spiritual motivational speaker advised me to read, Mark 11:23 and Psalms 23rd on a daily basis.  She advised me to visualize myself as a physician and cut out pictures of medical professionals and put them on my wall.  I asked my mother why am I doing this?  She said, "To build up your faith."  Mom also advised me to say daily positive affirmation, "I Audrey is a Successful and Competent Physician."  She said, the faith that I build up on the inside will manifest itself on the outside; and God/The Universe will make it happen along with my passion and desire to make it happen.  I was stunned...when it happened!!!  A young woman raised in an underserved environment was accepted at 7 medical schools.  I began to research and read several books about the basics of how our mind works and how that process affects our creative thinking.  Basically your mind is a "pattern recognition system." It 's very efficient at this process and we couldn't function the way we do as human beings if our minds didn't have it.  If we had to analyze every detailed piece of information before we took any action, we would have a hard time tying our shoes.

Language is an excellent example of this pattern recognition system and the creativity of the brain.  You have to create patterns for words and sentences when you're first learning to talk and read. Later on, you can easily recognize the patterns of letters that make up words and the words that make up sentences.  Let's dig a little deeper into pattern recognition. 


  1.  It's important to realize that your mind creates, stores, and recognizes patterns.  All three of these factors have a key impact on the creative thinking process. 
  2.  The fact that our mind can create a pattern, when perhaps none really exists, is profound. 
  3.  Mind Patterns can be negative or positive.
  4.  Positive patterns builds up confidence, courage, and a new lease on life.
  5.  Negative patterns builds up fear, worry and low self-esteem.

Let me say that again.  Your Mind Can and Does Create its own patterns!  It then stores and later recognizes these patterns when presented with data.  

Audrey's Grief Expressionist workshops and Performance Enhancement training is to established new patterns; which established new neurons and connectivity which has a profound effect on one's creativity.

Why should you care about how the mind functions and established patterns?

  • Because it affects and can stifle your creative thinking process.
  • We couldn't function the way we do without this amazing pattern recognition capability.  
  • It offers great advantages; it is efficient, allow fast recognition, fast reaction, and recognition with only partial information.

The problem is that those patterns become rigidly established over time and are difficult to change once they are established.  And we have the tendency to categorize with only a resemblance to the previous pattern.  We all know this true and we get more rigid and stubborn over time.  Your awareness of this will help open your mind to creative thinking and new ideas.


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